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Creator. Innovator. Developer. Designer. Artist. Sculptor.



From innovative branding techniques to an array of movie publicity services.

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Gopi Prasannaa is a rare master-of-many-trades. From gaming and programming to branding, advertising and film, he has done it all.

In his five years as Creative Director in the award-winning advertising agency 1pointsize, Gopi has explored new realms of creative design.

Having developed publicity content for 40 Tamil films so far, his creatives bring in a touch of uniqueness to film promotions.

Labeled a ‘21 st century visionary’ by CNN, his brainchild - the iBangle - won the ‘Best Product of the Year 2008’.

Besides painting, sketching and sculpting, he has also designed inventive games for Hollywood movies.

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Take a look at Gopi Prasannaa’s presence in digital media with exclusive interviews about his creative journey.

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